Channel 4 apologises after more ‘technical issues’ lead to mysterious disappearance of Countdown

Channel 4 has apologised after “technical issues” led to the mysterious disappearance of Countdown and Moneybags.

Viewers found that the shows were not on as usual on Friday afternoon, despite appearing in their usual slot in schedules.

But Channel 4 said the problems were the result of “technical issues”.

It said that it had put new systems in place after an outage. It did not specify which of those outages it was referring to: it has been hit by a number of problems since September, which have led to the channel repeatedly being knocked off air.

Channel 4 also confirmed that the problems would not lead to issues with programming later on in the day.

“We’ve experienced temporary technical issues related to the new operating process that was put in place after the outage,” Channel 4 said in a tweet.

“We are working to rectify it as quickly as possible but can confirm that the peak schedule is unaffected.”

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