Fox host who compared Fauci to Nazi doctor Mengele blocks Auschwitz Memorial on Twitter

Lara Logan, the Fox News streaming host who earlier this week compared White House chief medical adviser Dr Anthony Fauci to Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele, has blocked the Auschwitz memorial’s official Twitter account after the museum criticised her.

Ms Logan, formerly a respected journalist who won acclaim for her work as a foreign correspondent for CBS News, drew a strong rebuke from the memorial and museum, which operates the site on which the Nazis murdered more than a million people, for a Fox News appearance in which she claimed “people” routinely tell her that Dr Fauci, a world-renown virologist who has advised every US president since Ronald Reagan, “represents Josef Megele”, the Nazi doctor who became notorious for the cruel experiments he performed on concentration camp prisoners.

On Wednesday, the museum responded to Ms Logan’s comments, writing on Twitter that they were “shameful” because they were “exploiting the tragedy of people who became victims of criminal pseudo-medical experiments in Auschwitz in a debate about vaccines, pandemic, and people who fight for saving human lives”.

“It is disrespectful to victims and a sad symptom of moral and intellectual decline,” the museum added.

In response, Ms Logan later retweeted a random Twitter user’s message, which read: “Shame on the Auschwitz Museum for shaming Lara Logan,” and eventually blocked the museum’s account.

As of Thursday morning, Ms Logan was furiously tweeting screeds against Dr Fauci, who has become a bete noire among Republicans who are eager to deflect from former president Donald Trump’s record over the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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