Live news update: Labor says Australia could be renewables ‘superpower’; Palaszczuk to speak on Qld border reopening

Firstly the prime minister’s attack on the Icac on the floor of the parliament, I have seen few more disgusting displays on the floor of the parliament than that.

The Icac is not a smorgasbord in which you can pick off the findings you like and reject the findings you don’t like. The Icac is actually a truly independent body which should be respected, not undermined by the most senior politician in the country.

Respected by politicians not undermined when they don’t happen to like the fact that one of their own has been brought into question. I welcome the fact that former members of the Labor party who have been corrupted been dealt with by the Icac. If you are corrupt, you betrayed the Australian people and betray your party. You deserve to be dealt with and jailed if appropriate and we welcome Icac looking at people in the Labor party.

We don’t criticise the Icac for doing so, we defend their work and protect them, it is absolutely outrageous that the prime minister of the day has undermined the Icac and not just undermined their work on Gladys Berejiklian but undermined every single inquiry and investigation and finding that the Icac has brought down.

That is what the prime minister has effectively done. Undermined the Icac as a whole and all the state and territory based on similar bodies, frankly, because they are all independently statutory based.

He defended Gladys Berejiklian by saying there had been no findings against her. There have been no findings at all, they haven’t released them yet. If he claims to know what the Icac will find I’m sure that the Icac will be interested to hear what he knows.

Otherwise, he is lying.

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