London’s top fashion designers make salad-inspired silk scarves for Pret A Manger

As offices gradually start to approach full capacity, so do central Pret stores, as people queue up to get their fifth subscription coffee of the day, or their favourite sarnie for lunch.

In a bid to keep the tastebuds of its returning customers tantalised, Pret has launched three brand new spring salads, and to celebrate the launch it’s partnered (somewhat unconventionally) with three of London’s rising fashion stars on a collection of salad-theme silk scarves.

Richard Quinn, Daniel W Fletcher and Ashish have collaborated with the high street food chain, each turning their design talents to the decoration of a square 100% silk scarf inspired by one of the three new salads: Miso Chicken & Greens Salad Bowl; Tamari & Ginger Aubergine Salad Bowl and Pesto Pasta Salad Box.

Salad dressing: Daniel w. Fletcher

/ Pret

Menswear designer and runner up of Netflix show Next in Fashion Daniel w. Fletcher created a cabbage and carrot-printed scarf inspired by the Miso Chicken & Greens Salad Bowl, completed with his signature logo. “When I’m having a busy day in the studio, a Pret salad always gives a boost to get me through,” said Fletcher. “And the Miso Chicken & Greens Salad Bowl is my new go-to, so I was so pleased to be able to get involved with this campaign supporting the fantastic work The Pret Foundation does to help alleviate homelessness.”

The Richard Quinn design

/ Pret

“It is such a great cause, helping those most in need,” agreed Richard Quinn, whose elegant black silk scarf features geometric aubergine, radish and edamame bean prints, with a border in the designer’s favourite Pepto-Bismol pink.

Ashish’ scarf design, inspired by the pesto salad box, is more kitsch than chic, and pay’s homage to Pret’s French name with a ‘Bon Appetit’ message surrounded by vegetables. “It’s hard not to be inspired by such fresh ingredients and vibrant flavours,” said the designer. “More importantly, I’m happy that this campaign supports a valuable cause.”

Ashish x Pret

/ Pret

Katherine Bagshawe, UK Food & Coffee Director at Pret A Manger, commented: “Working with three of the UK’s most coveted, creative and up-and-coming designers (and Pret fans) in this SS22 collaboration they’ve been able to help us bring to life the freshness of our ingredients and creating a well-dressed moment for all our customers, not just our salads.”

The silk scarves are priced at £30 each (scarves from these designers usually range from £90-£250) and are available to purchase from Pret’s Instagram from today. All proceeds will go to The Pret Foundation, a charity working to alleviate homelessness, poverty and hunger throughout the UK.

Pret couture? All proceeds from the scarf designs go to charity

/ Pret

The Foundation was created over 25 years ago and initially focused on donating Pret’s unsold food every night to those most in need in communities nearby Pret shops nationwide.

The Pret Foundation now also oversees nightly charity van runs delivering food to shelters and charities across London, runs the Rising Stars programme helping to give employment opportunities to those in need of a second chance and supports grassroots charities. To support those fleeing the war in Ukraine, the Foundation has also recently begun operating a Ukrainian Employment Programme, offering paid employment opportunities at Pret, as well as emotional and financial support.

A designer silk scarf for £30 is good at the best of times, but one whose proceeds go directly to such a good charity? It’s a no brainer.

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