Octavia Spencer says her house is haunted by the spirit of a late movie star

Octavia Spencer has claimed that her house is haunted by the spirit of an unnamed Western movie star.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday (3 December), the 51-year-old actor said: “I grew up watching Westerns and I bought this house, and it was owned by a guy who did Westerns and I must have been a fan of his. I think he is my protector.”

The actor, who resides in a 1927 Spanish-style home in Toluca Lake, California, went on to say that she “loves” the ghost.

“I love him because he kind of sorts out the bad people that shouldn’t be there. He runs them out. If they stay at my place they don’t want to come back,” she said.

“And that’s how I know that they don’t belong there because if you’re a person that belongs there everybody is like, ‘Oh your place is so welcoming, it’s so great’.”

The Oscar-winning actor reportedly purchased the property, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, in 2013.

When Ellen DeGeneres asked Spencer whether the ghost ever caused any disturbances, the actor claimed it does act a bit “shady” when she leaves for a long time.

“The doors close, the lights go off when I turn them on,” she claimed.

The Ma actor also revealed that she has some ground rules in place when it comes to welcoming guests at her home.

“I love my ghost. I just don’t want you bringing your ghost to my house. I don’t want anybody’s ghost thinking they can be friends with my ghost. Because my ghost can haunt me but he doesn’t haunt me. We have boundaries,” she said.

On the topic of her new film Encounter, Spencer claimed that the “whole crew” of the film had an actual UFO encounter when they were filming.

“All of a sudden there are all these lights in the sky and we’re about to film the big scene at the end of the film and the lights. There were a million of them and they started getting smaller and smaller. They just appeared and they started disappearing,” she said.

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