Trump news – live: Elon Musk may lift ex-president’s Twitter ban as bizarre ‘hurricane gun’ story surfaces

GOP governor calls on fellow Republicans to ‘move on’ from Trump

Donald Trump-endorsed Republican representative Alex Mooney defeated fellow Republican David McKinley in a primary in West Virginia, a victory demonstrating the former president’s sway on the party ahead of the midterms.

“Donald Trump loves West Virginia, and West Virginia loves Donald Trump,” Mr Mooney said in his victory speech.
Mr McKinley, who broke away from his party by becoming one of 13 Republicans to vote in support of support Joe Biden’s $1.2tn infrastructure bill, was sharply criticised by Mr Trump a RINO, or “Republican in Name Only”. He was supported by the state’s most senior Democrat, Joe Manchin.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has said he would end Mr Trump’s ban from Twitter, saying he thought the decision to block the then-president was “morally wrong”, “foolish in the extreme” and “it alienated a large part of the country”.

Perhaps as a reminder of what America has been missing without the former president on the platform, Rolling Stone published a story in which senior Trump officials said he repeatedly asked if China had a secret “hurricane gun” to launch storms at the US.


Jack Dorsey backs Elon Musk’s plans to reverse Trump’s Twitter ban

Jack Dorsey said that he “agrees” that there should not be permanent bans on individual Twitter users. He said it was a “business decision” that should not have been made.

“And we should always revisit our decisions and evolve as necessary. I stated in that thread and still believe that permanent bans of individuals are directionally wrong,” he said in response to a tweet from Dan Primack, a business editor at Axios.

Mr Dorsey added: “There are exceptions (CSE, illegal behaviour, spam or network manipulation, etc), but generally permanent bans are a failure of ours and don’t work, which I wrote about here after the event (and called for a resilient social media protocol)”.

It came after Mr Musk told Financial Times in an interview he would reverse the ban on the former president if his purchase of the social media giant goes through.

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Pillen beats Trump-backed rival to win Nebraska primary for governor

Jim Pillen, a University of Nebraska regent who was backed by the state’s outgoing governor, has won the Republican primary for Nebraska governor.

He defeated the Donald Trump-backed Charles Herbster, who is a millionaire businessman embroiled in scandals for groping multiple women.

“We live in the greatest place on the planet, right here in Nebraska,” Mr Pillen said in a victory speech late Tuesday as a crowd cheered and chanted, “Let’s go, Jim!” He said his opponents had called to concede.

Mr Pillen is a hog farm owner and veterinarian. He defeated eight challengers, including Brett Lindstrom, a state senator and Omaha financial adviser who was generally viewed as a more moderate choice.

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Alex Mooney claims victory, says ‘monumental night for West Virginians’

In his victory speech, Alex Moonet said: “I am honored the voters of West Virginia’s new Second Congressional District have chosen me to carry the conservative banner as we begin the sprint to November.”

“Tonight is a monumental night for West Virginians, and I look forward to being their trusted conservative voice in Congress.”

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‘Fake electors’ co-operating with investigation into Trump efforts to overturn election, report says

Multiple GOP electors in Georgia who served as fake voters were interviewed by prosecutors investigating former president Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election in the criminal probe, two sources told CNN.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ office is trying to determine if pro-Trump electors in Georgia knew that their actions were part of a broader strategy to pressure election officials and overturn Joe Biden’s victory, the report said.

The electors who are being questioned by prosecutors, including the state’s Republican Party Chairman David Shafer, have been assured that they are being considered as witnesses and not accused or targets in the investigation.

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Jen Psaki explains Biden’s use of ‘ultra-MAGA’

The White House press secretary has explained the West Wing’s new use of the phrase “ultra-MAGA” to describe Republicans aligned with the party’s far-right bent, which she said was coined by the president himself.

Jen Psaki faced questions from reporters at her daily press briefing on Tuesday for the second day in a row regarding the term and its use by the president in criticism of the GOP.

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Elon Musk says he plans to lift Donald Trump’s Twitter ban

In news that will celebrated by supporters of Mr Trump as enthusiastically as it is condemned by his critics, the tech billionaire who is in the process of buying the social media network, said the initial decision had been incorrect.

Oliver O’Connell11 May 2022 05:01


Trump-backed conservative Alex Mooney wins West Virginia GOP primary

Republican representative Alex Mooney defeated fellow Republican, David McKinley in a primary in West Virginia, a victory proving Donald Trump’s hold on the party.

“Donald Trump loves West Virginia, and West Virginia loves Donald Trump,” Mr Mooney said in his victory speech.
Mr Mooney and Mr McKinley were pitted against each other in the state’s second congressional district West Virginia lost a congressional seat following the 2020 Census.

Mr McKinley, who voted for a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure and the creation of an investigation team to probe the 6 January riots, was sharply criticized by the former president.

Mr Trump called Mr McKinley a RINO, or “Republican in Name Only” and endorsed Mr Mooney the day Joe Biden signed the infrastructure law.

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Biden hits back at GOP senator who called him ‘incoherent, incapacitated and confused’

President Joe Biden ramped up his war of words with Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott, who said that the president is “incoherent, incapacitated and confused”.

A reporter asked Mr Biden about the Republican senator’s comments saying he should resign.

“I think the man has a problem,” Mr Biden responded.

Eric Garcia has the story.

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‘You’re going to be held accountable, bro’: Steve Bannon threatens Mark Esper over Trump revelations

The former defence secretary, in A Sacred Oath: Memoirs of a Secretary of Defense During Extraordinary Times, has made several astounding claims from his time at the White House when Mr Trump was president.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar reports.

Oliver O’Connell11 May 2022 04:00


Trump repeatedly asked if China had tech to launch hurricanes at US, report says

According to reporting by Rolling Stone, in the early years of his presidency Donald Trump had a pressing question he asked officials on several occasions — does China have secret technology to create large, man-made hurricanes and launch them at the US? And if it does, would that constitute an act of war?

The publication cites two former senior administration officials and a third person briefed on the matter.

“It was almost too stupid for words,” a former Trump official intimately familiar with the then-sitting president’s inquiry told Rolling Stone. “I did not get the sense he was joking at all.”

Mr Trump asked about it until at least 2018 and it became known to some as the “Hurricane Gun” thing.

The former president also asked about nuking hurricanes and once altered a map showing the projected path of a hurricane with a Sharpie pen in an incident that became known as Sharpiegate.

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