Trump ordered to pay $110k in fines as judge lifts contempt order against him over financial documents

Donald Trump has been ordered to pay $110,000 in fines as a judge lifted the contempt order against him put in place following a dispute concerning financial documents from the Trump Organisation.

New York Judge Arthur Engoron lifted the order assuming that a number of requirements would be fulfilled.

He said the former president had to produce sworn statements outlining the document retention and destruction policy at the Trump Organisation, such as how post-it notes were used, as well as finishing a review of the last five out of the 17 boxes connected to Mr Trump found in a storage facility off the organisation’s premises.

The judge said all the conditions would have to be met before 20 May, CNN reported.

“I want the fine paid. That fine is now $110,000,” the judge told Mr Trump’s lawyer, adding that if Mr Trump doesn’t comply, the contempt finding will be reinstated and could be applied retroactively.

The judge halted the fine accumulation on Friday when Mr Trump’s lawyers submitted further sworn statements, including one from Mr Trump himself, concerning his attempts to comply with the subpoena from the New York attorney general’s office for records.

The office of the New York state attorney general took action to hold Mr Trump in contempt after he didn’t comply with a subpoena in December of last year. The office is looking into the veracity of documents the Trump Organization submitted to lenders, insurance companies, and for tax benefits.

Andrew Amer, a lawyer representing New York state said during a hearing on Wednesday that “to our knowledge, we haven’t seen any documents that have Post-its on them. And that’s one of the odd things about the production to date given the statements that was a means for Mr Trump to communicate”.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba said the Trump Organization’s general counsel told her that all the post-it notes had already been handed over to the office of the attorney general.

“It’s a little comical,” she said as she held up a stack of post-it notes. “I don’t have a formal practice on post-its, do you?”

The judge said he wanted Mr Trump’s legal team to address any attempts to get ahold of former executive assistants to Mr Trump and if they could be found.

Mr Trump filed an updated affidavit with the judge on Friday, in which he said he didn’t have cell phones issued by the Trump Organization anymore, adding that he had handed over his personal mobile to be searched.

Ms Habba said she had personally searched every nightstand, desk, and closet at properties owned by Mr Trump, claiming that she didn’t find any documents requested by the subpoena.

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